Bigfoot Encounter on Mt St Helens


 Skeptical if these creatures exist? I was too...


Here are 3 events within a 12-Hour Period
while spending the summer camping on the Southeast side of
 Mt St Helens in Washington State







(Swimming hole incident, indicated #2 location on above map)
This happened mid-afternoon and involved the kids (2 teens, 1 pre-teen) at the swimming hole at a sharp bend in Clearwater Creek, a short distance from camp. The kids (all at the same time) suddenly smelled something really raunchy, like a decomposing animal. They got out of water and started looking around, didn't find anything. Then they looked up to rocky ledge overhanging the swimming hole to see bigfoot "curiously" watching. They came screaming back to camp to tell us adults what happened.

We kept questioning them if it was perhaps a bear...or bigfoot. They said it was NO bear, it looked like a huge human covered with hair, wide shoulders, narrower waist, long arms, face was more human or monkey-like (did not have longer snout of a bear). And the smell was so bad it got all their attention at the same time as they were swimming.

(Footprint in the wet sand, indicated #3 on above map)
Shortly after the first incident, mid-afternoon, was to arm ourselves (deer rifle and handgun) and all of us as "the buddy system" went back to swimming hole so kids could show us exactly where they saw the critter. We climbed up to the overhang ledge, saw nothing (flat rocks, few trees growing from crevices, no soil to leave printprints, no snagged hair on branches, no hint of strench). Then we went back down to Clearwater Creek and headed north a short way (on east side of creek), and found a huge right "humanlike" footprint in wet sand at water's edge, traveling northward. Most of area had large river rock so couldn't see any other prints near the river....just the one print partially filled with water. It was NOT a bear print (we were experienced outdoorsmen).

We returned to camp, cooked dinner, sat around campfire, guarded but not particularly spooked. Then went to bed in camper.

(back at campsite, indicated #1 on above map)
This WAS threatening....but in retrospect probably wasn't. Sometime in middle of night, my poodles (which always slept in cab of pickup with both windows down a couple inches for ventilation) started screaming...not alert barking but it was a high pitched fear scream. Then the creature started rocking the pickup/camper violently back and forth (from side to side). Teenage daughter, who was sleeping next to window (where table makes into a bed), threw open curtains and screamed, "It's him, it's bigfoot, the same thing we saw at the swimming hole". We stayed awake rest of night, armed, peeking out windows, but too frightened to make a run from camper to cab, so waited until daylight, leaving all outside equipment behind.

I've had many years to think over these incidents. Since BF seems more curious than dangerous...it's my opinion that the reason for violently rocking the pickup and camper was NOT because of "us humans" (afterall he did nothing to harm the kids while swimming)....but instead because the high-pitch screaming from the poodles annoyed it, and it reacted by shoving pickup/camper back and forth.

It's my opinion that *IF* poodles hadn't screamed, the creature would have just curiously checked out our campsite or peeked in camper windows without our knowledge. We wouldn't have seen footprints because ground had thick layer of fir needles and river rocks.

As far as we could tell, there was only one.

We had been staying at that particular point on SE side of the mountain where Muddy River and Clearwater Creek merged, for about a month without incident. We had relaxed our buddy system from earlier weeks when we were staying on south side of mountain where Beck and miners were attacked in 1924....no incidents there.

Our plans were to camp on the mountain from Memorial Day to Labor Day, getting back to civilization in time to get the kids back in school. But we left daybreak after those 3 incidents, which was either the first or second week of Aug.

We told no one except a few close friends who were also experienced outdoorsmen.




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